Concert and festival halls, exhibition centers, sports arenas and casinos have come a long way since the early years of entertainment. Most are now custom-built venues managed solely according to their purpose. They often boast top-notch facilities, including hotel rooms, bars, restaurants and conference areas. Entertainment has left few stones unturned in its quest to provide a complete experience.

On these pages, you will find a treasure trove of information on the most sought-after and popular entertainment venues from all over the world. You’ll find advice about all types of locations, from lively Las Vegas casinos to lavish concert halls and sports stadiums across Europe, Australia and the Americas.

Aside from information about crowd capacity and events held at the various venues on this site, you will also find full descriptions of the facilities they offer. There are details of record crowd attendances and top-selling events, including whether it was a music, concert, a sporting event or, in the case of casinos, what the record wins have been. If it isn’t on this website, it didn’t happen.

You will guess the names of some of the venues featured, but others might take you by surprise. These pages also contain information on how to get to the venues using public transport.

Some entertainment arenas are multipurpose and can change from a basketball court into an ice rink or a concert venue, while others are outdoor stadiums that are used primarily for sport. But they all fulfill the same purpose: bringing people together to be entertained.