The O2 Arena In London

The O2 Arena in London is the world’s biggest grossing entertainment venue, with last reported figures showing an average of over a million in ticket sales every business quarter.

The North Greenwich Arena—its official name—is perhaps best known for the hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. It is easy to get to and is serviced by tube on the Jubilee line, which stops at the North Greenwich Station. You can also get to it by bus and many routes stop at the bigger O2 Entertainment Complex on the Greenwich Peninsula.

The 02 complex is truly massive and holds the record for being the world’s largest building in terms of undercover space. It is also the world’s busiest venue when it comes to music concerts. The arena was built in four years between 2003 and 2007 and can fit 20,000 seated people inside.

One noteworthy 02 fact is that the arena roof was built first, hoisted into place and the remaining structure then built around it within the greater dome. The 02 arena is used for a variety of events due to the surface being interchangeable. This allows for an ice rink, a basketball court, concerts, private events, exhibitions, art galleries or any other type of display.

The arena has also hosted boxing matches, most notable of late being the comeback fight of British heavyweight David Haye. It has been used for ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Tour Finals, for relief to help the homeless and of course the 2012 Olympic Games.

Within the greater complex of the 02, there are all sorts of shops, hotels, gyms, restaurants, office spaces and live events. It is one of those dynamic venues where something is always going on. You can also see the O2 from space as a white dot in South East London.


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